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Life Lately.

By : haley 2 Comments

Hi! I’m here to check in on what’s been happening over the last month.

I’ve been living in a new town during the week. I’m adjusting to San Jose, work life, traffic and family dinners. Thank god for my GPS, I think it’s so crazy how I can just show up in a new town without a map and be able to navigate grocery store, gym, restaurants. If it were 10 years ago I would probably just end up going to and from work because I’d be too scared about getting lost. Here’s a few photos of the new office.




We went to Lake Natomas for Mother’s day.


Josiah finally got a Saturday off, so we celebrated with brunch at our favorite spot, Fox & Goose. When I arrive back in Sac for the weekends, we normally see each other on Friday and Saturday nights for a few hours so we have to treasure anytime we can get!


I shot a stop motion video for a kickstarter we have going on right now. Please check it out here.


My favorite part of exploring a new city, is finding new restaurants. We ate here for a team lunch. All you can eat Vietnamese!


We enjoyed this spread on memorial day. The weather was perfect, we sat out on the deck playing “chit chat” this game was such a hit we played for like 3 hours straight. The girls and guys both equally enjoyed it.

IMG_6022IMG_6109 IMG_6031

We did an 11 mile bike ride on the American River Bike trail. Sacramento has actually been giving us some cool spring weather which never happens!


We stopped by the Sacramento Music Festival and grabbed a fruit cup and 8 in sausage!


I did a little shopping at Topshop in Nordstrom. Took this beauty home with me.


I had the pleasure of meeting up with my college roommate Sara for dinner and helping her shoot the first post for her new fashion blog! Take a peek here.


Here’s how I’ve been packing and planning outfits. On Sunday nights I try and lay out everything on the ground and try and mix and match pieces to wear for the week. I still usually forget to pack something crucial like pajamas or underwear haha. Then I’ll throw it all in my luggage along with my handheld steamer to press them throughout the week.


May was definitely a fun packed month. Hope you enjoyed yours!


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2 thoughts on “Life Lately.”

  1. your office looks awesome!

    xx nikki

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