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Let’s be Honest

By : haley 0 Comments

I can’t honestly say I run around in heels and a dress all the time. Who can? In this particular case I was on vacation in Minnesota, suffering from my subpar packing skills. When I want to be comfy I slip into a t-shirt and shorts. By throwing on a couple of accessories you can play up any outfit. And of course, a good color palette will go far…

I was being teased for looking like a boy scout, which got me thinking…Do you ever do something and then later realize where you’re inspiration came from? It just dawned on me—this get up has Scout Master Ward, from Moonrise Kingdom written all over it! I’ll take fashion cues from Edward Norton any day. I’ve had this army jacket for several years now and it never fails to tie together a basic outfit.

When you are running around, what is you’re go to casual staple?

Outfit Details: Jacket: Target Shorts: Gap Shirt+Shoes: Urban Outfitters Scarf: Thunderhorse Vintage Flower clip: Craft Fair in Minnesota Hand Made Bracelet: Moorea Seal 

P.S. How about that river behind me? Minnesota is so beautiful—I can’t wait to show you more of my trip!

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