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Layering On Up

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Hi all! I wanted to mention that I think short hair is making a come back. I mean have you guys seen Keiko Lynn’s new do? How about Sophia Amoruso the CEO of Nasty Gal? Or Krystal from This Time Tomorrow? They’re all rocking the short locks. And I couldn’t be happier about this. I grew my hair out about a year ago for financials reasons because let’s face it—it gets expensive getting a cut every 6 or 8 weeks! Who knows maybe my predictions will come true? For some reason I enjoy making fashion predictions. I LOVE to see a shitty trend come and go. I guess I just get stoked that I didn’t buy into it and could see past the hype—haha dumb I know.

Did I tell you guys I got a new camera lens? It’s a 50 mm, it’s perfect for portraits and let’s in a ton of light. Plus on my bf’s Best Buy discount the price was quite a steal. Do you guys notice a difference in the photos? I used it on the last posts as well. It’s crazy because I don’t have to crop these shots. When he’s taking the photos he’s pretty far away from me. And hey it’s helps me relax a bit haha. What camera do you use for your photos? What would be your dream camera?