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Layering Bustier

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My boyfriend told me this was inappropriate and looked like a bra on top of a button up. Maybe he’s right. But I quite enjoy the silhouette it creates. Anything sweetheart top is a big win for the IBTC. I wanted to wear this to work but chickened out. Maybe with a chunky open sweater or something.


I stuck with the black and white mood for the painting. This is some black acrylic I did a few weeks. Normally I paint something new for the post but today I’m pressed for time because of this thing you’ve probably heard of lately, goes by the name of Christmas.


I tried to be on top of my Christmas shopping game this year but I got a little jaded towards the end. I’m more of a home made gift giver, or better known as a cheap ass.


Have you guys been listening to the Serial podcast? It’s all I can think about lately. It’s creeping me out a bit. I’m listening to the series for the second time for my co-workers sake of course. Not so I can mull through the details again. I’m not that lame guys, come on. #lies


My friend always teases me about this pose. I think it’s fun to break up the just standing there thing we all do. Once he drew a bunch of rainbows coming out of my butt. I’ve tried to stop since then, but clearly haven’t made any progress. You know that voice in your head while your writing? It kind of reads out loud in your head—well that voice is starting to sound to Sarah Koenig so I know it’s time for bed.


corset: nasty gal
denim: AG brand
leather jacket: nasty gal
unnies: similar
lutch: thrifted
heels: forever21


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