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Jewelry Trend: Raw Amethyst

By : haley 2 Comments

My grandpa used to collect rocks, each time we met up he would bring me one. Amethyst was my favorite of the collection I’d acquired over the years. I’ve seen several Amethyst jewelry styles popping up on a variety of Etsy shops. Here are a few of my favorites: 1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // This it the February birth stone but I’lll just pretend I was born in this month. What I love about these is the organic feel you get from the rough cut edges. I might to give these to all my friends for christmas. Maybe this could be a gift idea for that that eclectic lady in your life? My dad loves picking out jewelry so I’m going to send him this post as a christmas idea for me haha. Toodles!

2 thoughts on “Jewelry Trend: Raw Amethyst”

  1. I love that I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of their birthstone. The amethyst is STUNNING!

    xoxo Jackie

    Something About That

  2. […] got the amethyst necklace I wanted for Christmas, from this post. Thank you brother […]

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