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In a World of “Busy”

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Lately I’ve been using painting as a way to wind down after crazy day. It’s my rebellion against the many screens in the house. I really struggle with getting caught up in the hustle of the day. Painting helps me take a step back and realize living in a whirl wind isn’t how I want my life to be. If you think about it, the whirl wind never actually stops, you just choose to step in or out of the ring.

My boyfriend has been urging me to take time for myself. And time for myself, doesn’t mean blogging or freelance design projects. It’s good old just sitting on the porch reaching a book with a sunhat on. Going to dinner with a friend for no reason. Wandering around a bookstore.

It’s SO hard for me to do this. I have a fairly relaxed and easy going personality around people but for some reason it’s a different place up in my head. I feel this need to constantly be on the go. In my mind, I’m always thinking, there’s something I could be cleaning, cooking, emailing, writing, photographing, etc. This most likely stems from having limited time for our passion projects and wanting to fit so much into the evenings or weekends. You just can’t fit everything on your list into one day. I love lists. I have my Safeway list, Trader Joe’s list art supply store list, long and short term to-do’s. It’s great to have lists, but it’s important to make your life feel a check list. If everything is just viewed as checking a box, you’re most likely missing out on the true human experience.

I’m taking baby steps each day to slow down and focus on what matters. Clients projects are always going to be on fire. Someone is always going to pulling at you for something. But today, I choose to not let myself get sucked it.

How do you stay grounded and not getting sucked up in the world of “crazy busy”?
What methods do you use to wind down?


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