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I Got My BF to Dress Up

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No really, I got him to dress up and for a good purpose—my portfolio! Yes, finally design, fashion and photography have come full circle for me! I was a assigned a project at work for a local mall’s back to school outfit of the day contest on Instagram. And let’s face it there is HORRIBLE street style stock photography. Your girl was like yaaa were not using that. So I went out and selected models, outfits, locations and backdrops.


I had to shoot several variations on this look as the client wanted something preppy against a fence background. I shot 3 other models and included an old outfit photo of myself. Shameless self promotion–eh whatever!


I think he looks adorable and did such a great job putting up with my shooting him for nearly 2 hours in the heat with multiple outfit changes!


I can’t wait to share with you the whole series of posters and digital promotions. This was seriously my dream project and if I could some how make a career out of it I would. I can ride the wave of contentment off a good project for weeks—one of my favorite feelings!


I’ll share more of the project soon! And no, he doesn’t wear glasses but I think he should consider it!


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