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How to Style a Mini Skirt for Daytime

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You know that spot where city meets nature? That’s exactly where I feel most alive and this location embodies just that.

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On Saturday evening, the boyfriend’s new lens arrived! When he got off work we could not contain ourselves and drove to downtown to start playing. He scored the Canon 70-200mm, which is a kind of a beast. I’ve been advised to start lifting weights if I want to keep using it. haha.

I couldn’t believe how many people came up to talk to him about his new toy. Within a two block radius 5 different men asked him about it. Talk about a conversation starter.

Before we left, I knew I wanted to take this a-line skirt out to play but didn’t know how to style it in a casual way. I did what I always do, start mixing and matching until something works. Here’s what I learned…


Choose a Laid Back Shoe Style
If you’re wanting to wear a mini skirt during the day, I would suggest trying a shoe with a blocky heel or just going with a sandal or flat. I say this because I tried on a thin black heel and it made the whole look turn into a night club situation. I was going for something more casual.

Long Sleeves
Most times, when you think skirt, we think it has to be paired with a tank top or a tight fitting piece. My advice is, if the skirt is mid thigh length, wear a long sleeve or 3/4 length top. This really helps to balance out the amount of skin. The loose fitting top gives a nice contrast to the fitted skirt. When you want to achieve balance in outfit, think in opposites!

Pair Down
To pair down the mini skirt even more, add a baseball hat and try a graphic tee to help calm the look down for the daytime hours.

Unstructured Bag
Imagine this look with a fancy black leather purse–totally different vibe, right? Instead, try a backpack, or any of the less structured bags you have in your closet. A wicker basket style could work. Even a boho style purse. I avoided black, because that made the outfit look too sexy for my taste. Tie on a scarf for an even more laid back look.

So there you have it, our little photo trip shows what our typical date nights consist of. Wandering around the city. Chasing light. Exploring new corners of the grid.

skirt: h&m // top + scarf: urban outfitters // heels: asos (old) // backpack: forever21 // sunglasses: nordstrom ray-ban // necklace: my trendy trailer (local business–yay!)
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Photography by: Josiah Velasquez
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