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How to Dress Feminine in Winter

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When winter rolls around, it’s hard not to want to bundle up in a blanket and never leave the confines of a cozy bed. Although staying in bed forever sounds like great plan, it’s not realistic. Unfortunately, we all have to venture outside to go places like work, the grocery store, and—if we’re really feeling adventurous—the gym. When it comes to getting dressed for the winter, it’s easy to simply throw on the nearest pair of sweatpants and a giant sweater and call it a day.

While this comfy outfit is fine for movie nights in, it’s not exactly the impressionable outfit you’ll want to be wearing when out and about. So instead of dressing like a giant, shapeless sack, you’ll have to put a little more effort into your winter wear. That’s what I’m here for: to give you some tips on incorporating femininity into your winter wardrobe.

Here are some useful pointers on dressing feminine this winter:

Get a cute coat

Since it’s almost inevitable that you’ll need a source of warmth this winter, a great coat will often be your go-to coverall. And since it’s likely that your coat will be the basis for your outfit, you’ll want a pretty one that’s unique and maybe even a little funky. There are all kinds of printed and brightly colored coats—don’t be afraid to stand out! The melon coat in this roundup is a perfect mix between chic and sassy, but if you’re really feeling feisty, try an even brighter color like yellow or kelly green!

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Layer like a lady

With chilly temperatures upon us, one of the best ways to stay warm is to pile on the layers, especially if you’ll be in and outdoors a lot. This way, you can shed pieces once you get inside. Use the layers to your advantage: Wear girly items like tights under skirts, and try a lace turtleneck. Pops of femininity will peek out, even if your outerwear and other garments are a little more gender-neutral. Layering ideas exist here if you’re feeling stumped.


Buy some bold boots

When all else fails, and you’re feeling like your winter wear is lacking personality and that extra oomph, shoes will always be there to save the day! And with all the bold boots trending for this season, it’s hard to say no to a pair of dynamic thigh-highs or sexy lace-ups. By simply scrolling this page, you’ll get a great idea of just which boots will bring your winter wardrobe to the next level. Keep an eye out for high-heeled types, as these are the ones that will elevate your style from so-so to so chic.

With just these three tactics, you’ll stand out in a weary winter crowd. Bright colors, feminine layering pieces, and to-die-for boots will be your winter garb’s saving grace, and you’ll begin to realize just how simple it is to feel feminine even when every inch of you is covered! 


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