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How does it all start?

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Do you ever wonder how one gets into blogging? Here is my story. I graduated college about two years ago. Then moved back in with the parentals. Found my self in a long distance relationship, working the same part-time I’d had for the last 7 years. During school I was able to express my self creatively on the daily—even when it was forced. I had experienced four years of painting, drawing, sketching, marker rendering, designing, etc. Then everything came to a hault. Upon moving back to my home town, I tried reconnecting with high school friends. But, so much had changed and so had I. I was working at Best Buy while applying to jobs like mad. With not much of a clue on how to do so. In the mean time, I saved up and finally bought an SLR camera. The main intent was to shoot photos of my portfolio. While doing this I stumbled upon the website Lookbook.

I found myself checking it constantly but was unable to create a profile because it was a private site and you needed an invitation. After a few months of following along they went public. I grabbed my camera, tripod, and started making outfits. This was out of this world fun for me. I have WAY to many accessories which lends to being able to style an outfit 10-15 different ways. I slowly lost interest in applying for jobs because as one knows you don’t have a ton of luck applying for jobs online with a year or two of experience. When my mom would leave for the day, you could find me in the backyard styling decked in crazy outfits, grabbing random props from the house. I think my mom eventually caught on to my devious acts and started urging me to get serious and find a job.

Alas, I did after months of looking. I moved out into own place. My long distance boyfriend and I moved into the same town for the first time. Life began to settle down again so I began blogging about house decor and I began to style my home. After transitioning my blog several times, I decided to get serious buy a domain. Decide on a brand name and stick with it. Here I am trying to do that for my readers. I had a blast creating looks, playing with day light. Although lonely and not working within the field I dreamed of being in, I found another outlet for my creativity. I wouldn’t take back that time for anything. No joke I still use this site, I don’t have as much time to devote to it any more. Add me none the less: Hales T. The days I had off from work I would do 3-4 looks a days—hilarious.

What’s the story behind your blog? I’d love to hear, leave me a comment! Toodles!

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