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Heels or Sneakers? Both.

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Versatility is key for me. I like my pieces to work in a casual or dressy setting. I look for longevity when purchasing items that I know will have to take up space in my closet.


Just like trends in fashion, I’ve got to look for the trends happening in the design world. HOW magazine does just that. It is my favorite magazine to date, with all the latest and greatest design pieces are featured in here from the hottest design studios in the world. This is pure gold to me, as you can tell by the fact I’m latching onto it. I really hope to have some of my design work featured in it someday. *fingers crossed*

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Super excited about this cardigan I found in Venice. It was fun to buy because I had my two girl cousins with me which means I got 2 extra nods than I normally would when buying something. I miss shopping with girls. It’s half the fun. I’m so boring and mostly buy online now without even trying on. This takes away about half the fun of the experience. I don’t think I’ll be changing my ways anytime soon but I’d like to include actually people in the experience. You know I love a variety of opinions on something before I buy.


Love the moment it brings!


Look at these bat wings—the sheer material is so light and airy.


Do you still shop with girlfriends? Or are you an online type of shopper?

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