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Happy NOW: January

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I tend to get very caught up in my to-do list. Sometimes I feel like a walking notepad. This is great in the sense that many things get accomplished but little joy is had. Joy can come from completing things, but no solely on that. I wanted to start this series called “Happy Now” where I list positive things that have happened in the last few days or weeks. It will be fun to look back at see what happened throughout the year.


1. Happy we finished soundproofing our studio, Common Space. Josiah and I were able to agree on the look and placement of sound foam. He took the initiative and surprised me with the great results!

2. Happy to getmy birthday off and spend it in Sausalito.

3. Happy to started receiving more design projects at work. Completed a cool set of desktops for a big company! Wish I could say, but you know how these nda things go.

4. Happy to celebrate New Years with new friends dancing the night away at Lipstick

5. Happy to spend some alone time with my brother. Very thankful he helped me do some work on my car. Also very happy to see him succeeding in his new role at my parents business (soon to be his!)

6. Happy for Josiah having a month off of school. Giving us time to re-connect, cook and remember why we work so hard.

7. Happy to launch a new logo and website: Fete & Flora

8. Happy to meet a new like-minded friend Allie, who is motivated and wants to teach a workshop with me!

9. Happy to speak on a panel with fellow fashion bloggers about “Fast Fashion

10. Happy to find a new friend, whom I can talk about personal things without judgement, yay Susan Yee!

11. Happy to learn how to operate my DSRL camera and find many opportunities to practice, learn and grow.

12. Happy to receive news that I don’t owe $600 for a medical bill, I’d be fighting for 6 months!

13. Happy to connect with old co-worker who has big plans for the design community here in Sacramento!

14. Happy for Green Chef making our lives much easier and more delicious. Josiah and I are both eating paleo. He’s been on the candida diet for his skin for 4 weeks, 8 weeks to go!

Just simply writing these things down puts my mind into a new place. It can be hard to work through negative situations, writing is a therapeutic way to work through it. It’s funny because each of these items I listed that came out positively but that doesn’t mean each event was void of issues. Take a minute to realize the pitfall and then keep moving forward.

This is a huge goal of mine this year. I have a lot of balls to juggle, between working full-time and running 3 side business’, it can make your head spin.

It can be quite hard to see the positives in the moment, as I’m constantly running to complete the next task. Often times, any minor issues sends me over the edge. I encourage you to reflect each month as well. It’s nice to focus on the big picture, and realize your efforts have been worth while!

What great things have happened to you during the month of January?


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