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Hamm’s in the Alley Way

By : haley 0 Comments

We’ve got some more manly style coming your way! We’re featuring my lovely man J and our neighbor Chris. These two tend to match quite frequently, how could I not put them in a post together?! Notice the V necks..

He likes to do a carabiner on the belt loop and anchor necklace for his accessories. His dude friends give him a lot of slack about the anchor necklace, but hey that’s the price of personal style! You can’t please every one, mind as well please yo self! And apparently beer can be an accessory too? haha who knew. The mighty Hamm’s has been the drink of choice for these two gentleman as of late. What are your dude’s go to wardrobe staples? (I counted J’s v neck collection, it’s up to a total of 20! Oh my.)