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Grey Fur

By : haley 3 Comments


boots: dolce vita
fur snood: asos, asosnordstrom *$30
skirt: similar
purse: zara
sweater: gap
sunnies: zerouv


On Sunday’s we shoot. A couple local gals and I like to meet up and shoot a couple outfits. This week I thought let’s all get in the frame together. What’s better than 1 outfit? 3.


I’m clearly overjoyed to bring back out the furs. Especially this scarf. It’s been a real life saver while biking at night. I took a photo yesterday, intended for Instagram, of all the ridiculous faux furs I own, then deleted it and reminded myself I should never tell.


I have to admit something, I’ve been kinda really shying away from brown boots lately. I think I’ve been swayed by these jokes, if you haven’t seen the han solo references yet, please feast your eyes, here and here. Ah I feel bad saying this but it’s like I have this secret I’m carrying around with me and I haven’t told anyone yet. I mentioned it to a friend in passing and they totally agreed with me. *Sudden sigh of relief.


What’s fun about early winter/late fall is showing the slightest bit of skin. Whether it’s a pair of gloves, pants or top that have a slight cut out. Those are my favorite types of visual interest that you can easily add to your ensemble. What’s your winter styling trick for not looking like a bulky snowman?


photos by: Styl(e)volver


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3 thoughts on “Grey Fur”

  1. Love that fur! Looks great 🙂


  2. those sunglasses are amazing!

    xx nikki

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