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Good Vibes

By : haley 11 Comments


I don’t know how you guys come up with an outfit or great dressed in the morning. But for me when I’m walking around the house an idea will just pop in my head. I’ll have an item that I’ve been waiting to style with the perfect piece, and then BAM! It comes to me. I found this vintage hot pink pencil skirt for $12 at my favorite local boutique Cuffs. I have the best luck there with vintage items. Remember this green number I wore a few months back? Yup, that’s another Cuffs find. This outfit puts me in my happy place, it has bright color, fun pattern, soft graphics and gives off a tropical cool vibe. This skirt is going to be a hugely versatile piece for my closet, expect to see much more of this little lady!

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Now, what to do with these strange graphic tee’s and their HUGE arm pit holes? We’re clearly not buying these so we can go sweat it out at the gym. No, we’re buying these for a relaxed fit that can be easily spiced up with a fun under garment. Take this fuchsia sports bra for example. I know I know, how couture of me to mention sports bras on a fashion blog!  I get the whole “bralette” thing people are doing but I’m not going to be sporting one of those to work so I’ve got to improvise. Try throwing on something fun underneath your big tee you can play with pattern, color or texture.

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Two more things to note: I purchased my first fancy grown up purse. Yes, you heard that right I’ve never spent more than $40 on a purse. And frankly, I was ready for one that will last me. I wish I could tell you I bought it on ebay or amazon or some crazy sale. But I didn’t, it was just something I’d been eyeing for a long time and decided to save up for. I actually thought I would feel guilty for rocking some big name brand, but I don’t because I REALLY struggle with purses. I don’t want it too big or too small, you have to find one that compliments your frame. Boho bags can be awful on petites. Here’s a handy guide I found to picking out the right purse for your body size.

I wanted a classic structured shape but without the worn quality. This purse nailed it in all categories. I tell ya, I would rather pick out 500 pairs of shoes before you could make me decide on a purse I like. That’s why you don’t see very many on this blog 😉 How do you feel about buying pricey invest pieces? Does it make you feel guilty or gratified?

Top: Brandy Melville // Shoes: Forever21 // Skirt: Cuffs // Purse: Kate Spade

11 thoughts on “Good Vibes”

  1. This outfit is seriously so awesome. I love the casual tee with the gorgeous skirt, and those shoes are the perfect touch. Also, your hair looks very edgy chic!

  2. Purse twins!! Isn’t it the best?? I have the same exact one in the gray color. Its the perfect size, I think. Plus how cute is the inside?!

  3. Love this look!

  4. Amazing look! Your blog is really interesting!
    Would you like to follow each other? 🙂
    With love, Sofia Silva ♥


  5. I love this outfit and your hair is seriously amazing!

    xo amy

  6. Thank you for your comment, fellow Capricorn 🙂

    You are always so chic. I love this – It’s ladylike, sporty and quirky all in one outfit. I personally always spend a lot on bags because in my opinion, bags need to be good quality so it’s always better to splurge on them. I also rarely buy bags so it balances out xx


  7. This is definitely one of my favorite posts of yours! Your outfit is the perfect mix of girly, fun, and sophisticated, and the lighting is beautiful! I’ve got to say, the bag adds a nice dose of polish to your look. Good investment!

  8. thanks for the comment, she and reverie is so dreamy!

    i like your outfit here- very fun and summery!

  9. I love this look. You have amazing style!

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