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Gone Fishing

By : haley 5 Comments

Shorts: Urban Outfitters (similar) // Button up top: Old Navy // Beanie: Goodstock (local boutique–similar here) // tights: Asos // Heels: Steve Madden (similar) // Vest: Urban Outfitters (similar) My dad is a big time fisherman, so this outfit is reminiscent of him. He has a very similar tan vest that he’s been wearing for years and years. The difference between our two utility vests are the supplies you’ll find stored in the pockets. The only tools you’ll see in mine are a few fully loaded tubes of lipstick. Hey, a lady needs her secret weapons too you know! Why this look works for me: –no jewelry: sometimes jewelry can be expected. I wanted this outfit to rely heavily on masculine pieces –layering tights with leather shorts: makes the look feel refined and edgy –untucked shirt: gives a loose and casual vibe to off set the ridiculously high wedges –beanie: why is it so refreshing to throw on a beanie with a fancy ass dress? I don’ know–I love breaking rules I suppose. –huge circular shades: again something strangely fun about seeing these interact with the military style vest (Let me know if these lists are getting too preachy. Reason being, I spent about 80% of my conscious hours speaking about how design elements work together and well it’s pouring over into the blog. Sorry not sorry?) I’ve always wanted a pair of these tights. And when I got them–the satisfaction far surpassed the desire. That’s when you know if was a good buy, right? They’re teetering on the edge of being too sexy for me. But gosh darnnit it they don’t make the legs feel slender. The top half of my outfit wants to grab a tackle box and go fishing. The bottom half wants to head south for Coachella. Unlikely combos are my favorite. Last night I was a panelist for the social media club who hosted an event on fashion blogging. Myself and the 4 other speakers got to talking about the vibe of fashion in Sacramento. Most people don’t know where Sacramento is, therefore they don’t know what to expect from us in the fashion realm versus other more established cities (thoughts sparked by Justina, A Piece of Bent Wire). When I moved here it was so freeing to see how people were expressing themselves through fashion in a wide spectrum of ways. I would be lying if I said the city didn’t change my perspective on fashion. It definitely gave me a sense of freedom to dive in and explore my style. How has your city provoked an aesthetic movement in you?

5 thoughts on “Gone Fishing”

  1. Really cool and fun outfit 🙂

  2. Just loved the whole outfit! Fantastic job! and the shades are an absolute steal! love <3

  3. what a unique look! love it!

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