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GNO: Paragary’s

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I don’t get together with my girlfriends for dinner nearly enough. I think you need a good mix and male and female vibes in your life.

Vanessa, Susan (behind the lens) and myself set out for a full on dining experience at one of our favorite local spot, Paragary’s.

We like this spot year round because of it’s beautiful outdoor patio, private dining room, bar and a variety of seating options. I tend to notice my conversations are always a bit better with I’m inspired by the decor. Needless to say, I become quite chatty in this luxe environment.



A Wednesday evening cheers just because!

colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_02 colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_03

As a fellow Bourbon Babe, I can’t deny what a great selection of whiskey and bourbons they house.  colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_05

Oh you know, just having a Lady & the Tramp moment! haha

colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_06 colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_07

colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_04 colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_08

I believe this menu is set in my favorite font, Neutra Face, I can definitely appreciate a well type set menu (we’ve all seen our share of design disasters).


I usually prefer to wear something simple, casual yet slightly refined to an early dinner. My dress is stretchy denim paired with lace up sandals and a camel bag. I love Vanessa’s denim and black pairing mixed with a little textured straw.

colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_09 colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_10

colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_12 colour_me_classic_paragarys_dining_11

Our Drink selections:

Cuffs & Buttons: Loved this one because they tilt the glass during the ice freezing process making an angular frozen block on the side of your cup. I mean if that’s not fancy, what is?! We also had the spicy margarita and martini.

*note: the martini was super easy to drink, normally they get a bad rap but this was easy to get flowing.

Here’s what we ate in order:

Smoked Trout Salad: Avocado, gold beets, crème fraiche, horseradish, pickled red onions

Heirloom Tomatoes: Burrata, pluot, maldon, olive oil

New Zealand King Salmon: Japanese eggplant, romano beans, tomato vinaigrette, black olive aioli. *note: this salmon was ridiculously delicious and buttery. I will add, I know good salmon. I grew eating freshly caught salmon from fisherman father. He needs to try this one and give his 411.

Ricotta Ravioli with Lemon & Mint: Summer squash, squash blossoms, cherry tomato (the pasta is made fresh across the street at the bakery–how cool is that?)

If it’s been far too long since you’ve seen your gals, this is a great spot to re-connect and feast your eyes on the beautiful culinary and decor.

I would also suggest this spot, when your hard to impress out of town friend is visiting (come on you know we all have that friend ha!)

Located at 1403 28th st.
in midtown, Sacramento.

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Thank you to Marissa & Matt + the rest of the team for having us!

Photography by: En Pointe
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