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Girls in the Bay

By : haley 4 Comments

shoes: thrifted // pants: UO // top: Freepeople // flannel: F21 (similar) // Jacket: Zara (Similar) // Necklace: FP I get very wrapped up when visiting new places. I was basically ready to pack up all my things and pursue a new life in the bay area, more specially San Francisco. I just feel so alive when I’m there. Not to mention just about every square inch of this city makes for a good blog shoot backdrop! Hence the beautiful blossoming tree, little succulent wall and perfect statue inset! Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be moving anytime soon but hey I live close and it always makes for a great day trip. I’ll add in a little note about my traveling outfit. 1. stick with flats–you’re going to do lots of romping around. 2. It’s Sf so it tends to be windy so you got to layer, layer and layer some more. Think you’ll get too hot? Try a tank top as your base layer. 3. Bring a bring deep purse–you never know what goodies you’ll find on your adventures so you’re going to need somewhere to store it! Let me know what you wear on a day trip?

4 thoughts on “Girls in the Bay”

  1. You’re so right about wearing flats to trips! My Toms are my best friends. LOL I also always bring a pair of shorts in case it gets hot, I have a fear of wearing something too warm for the weather. Oh and also a scarf and cardigan. As you may have already noticed, I am a huge overpacker!


  2. I love how you had a moving photo, how fun! Oh and I love the shades!


  3. Wow – that moving photo is SO cool!!

    Your outfit definitely looks perfect for travelling. I know that feeling you’re describing about literally wanting to move to a cool city like SF when you’re there.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

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