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Getting Practical

By : haley 0 Comments


I’m trying to bring you guys more everyday type outfits. Ones that are easily achievable and appeal to the masses versus something obscure and just fun to look at. Lately my wardrobe has been gold, lace and light denim.


We snapped these photos on our way to Costco to load up on food for 13 people to eat on our beach camping trip! The tote was totally necessary for lugging all that food up our 3 flights of stairs!


Doubling my efforts to bring reality to these posts. Anyone who knows me will recognize this water bottle. It felt odd that it had never been in a post before. This guy has been plastered to my hip since I found out about this company in 2008. I helped the designer for the company one day back when I worked at Best Buy. Then years later I started dating my guy J, who worked at Kleen Kanteen for a bit. They are also made in Chico so they have a special spot in my heart. I also have a strange phobia of being without water. The second it’s not around I convince myself that I’m parched and dehydrated. So in my best interest to just keep it around at all times.


Jeans: Madewell (on sale $80) // Lace top: FreePeople from Zappos // Tote: West Elm // Sunnies: Topshop (gifted from ma in Paris!) // sandals: Urban Outfitters // water bottle: Kleen Kanteen


How do you stay stylish while running errands without compromising comfort?