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Galentines Day

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It’s far too often that I let holidays roll by without the slightest acknowledgment. I recently fore-goed doing a big friend event for my birthday, just felt like doing something small with Josiah. I wanted to get my gals together and celebrate the best way we know how—creativity!

I gathered every last art supply I had in the house irridecant watercolor, acrylic, micron pens, paint pens, glitter, you name it! I really enjoy planning out my art sketching it before hand, researching and spending time thinking about how I will execute the piece. But for this occasional I just stuck ink to the paper and began.


When watercoloring I like to make a big mess. I use far too much water because I like the effect of pooling around the water on the page, it always bring unexpected results. For me, art is within the surprise. It’s about something that may already exist but putting your own spin on it. Depending on your mood or energy level, you never know how it will turn out.


I like to use juxtaposition to arrange elements on the page. When putting two elements on a page go for hierarchy, one large item and one small. This helps create tension on the page and draw the readers eye through out the piece.


I really like how Susan played with stencil cut outs and how Vanessa took a twist on modern technology with her heart eyes emoji print.


You can try a layered piece by putting light colors in the background and using a darker color for the foreground, notice the “i like you”?


The pink water always looks so tempting to sip on while painting–beware!


It wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t mention fashion. I was hosting the event and running around cleaning the house and gathering supplies for the ladies so I wanted to be comfortable. I added a minimal pink lace top underneath the deep V ribbed sweater. When I’m  in a rush, I try to add one  minimally feminine piece, whether it be a bracelet, perfume, red lip or in this case a lace detail.


Don’t forget about your gals during this day of love!


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