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Flower Power

By : haley 2 Comments

I usually wonder into Bows and Arrows before I go grocery shopping. It’s just too convenient being right across the street and all. This place can do wrong in my eyes. When I go in I get an avocado & lime popsicle while looking at some sweet art work up on the walls. Sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon a 1960 Bobbie Brooks Romper and fall in love. This pattern is to die for. Sneak a peek…

No kidding, these were the first heels I ever bought! Technically they’re wedges but give me a break, I was 18. I had to buy them for high school graduation to my gown wouldn’t drag. Ironically, they’re still in my closet 6 years later. 

I’ll admit this is the first romper to enter my closet. It’s hard to find one that fits well. They usually have an elastic waist line—generally not pleasing for women with any sort of curves or hips. I knew this one was a winner because it laid across the front. When they are made right, they can be extremely flattering.

Outfit details: romper: vintage belt: Urban Outfitters wedges: Old Navy (old) necklace: Something Silver (old)

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2 thoughts on “Flower Power”

  1. […] If you want to see the full romper, I’ll take you on a trip to a post back in 2012. Click here to view it, don’t laugh at me though—I warned […]

  2. I love vintage finds, what an adorable romper. Rachel xo

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