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Flexing Your Creativity

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I don’t normally shoot mid day or on a Monday, but I was riding my bike home on my lunch break and couldn’t help but feel inspired by the warm overcast day. There is something about obscure weather that gets my juices flowing.


This dose of creativity is just what I needed to get out of my Monday funk. Some people feel creativity has to come naturally and that you can’t force it. I highly disagree, creativity is a muscle and you’ve got to keep it conditioned and toned. If you wait until the right moment strikes, it just may never come to you. Even if you’re feeling uninspired, I encourage you to just pick up that paint brush, pen, cooking utensil, camera or heck even a knitting needle and just start. In design, we often say your first 3 ideas are often the most unoriginal. It’s like you have to get out the old ideas that you’ve seen before out of your head. come to mind when solving a problem. So maybe your first few drafts aren’t right or the first ten paintings you do suck. There really is something to be said about creative endurance. I feel most fashion bloggers have it. You are constantly re-creating, mixing, matching and collaborating. I think about quitting all the time but that creative spark is what keeps it going.

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As a reminder, I still have straight hair. I’ve been obsessed with adding a spiral curl to it lately since I’ve growth out a little length. Which do you like best?


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You may have seen my Instagram post about which boots to keep. I oddly went against the popular vote and kept these ones. They fit great, I’m too lazy to even zip them up and they still somehow look good. I used to think summer boots were out of the question but now I actually feel they’re a necessity. So two questions: should I stick with straight or curled hair? And yes or no on summer booties?