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Firmoo Glasses Review

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c/o Firmoo glasses: Burgundy F1006 Style


I finally have a new pair of specs! Now I have a pair for the house and a pair for driving! All drivers rejoice! I can drive ok during the day if I know where I’m going and don’t need to read any signs. But let’s face it, that’s unrealistic and dangerous. I’m a fully embraced glasses wearer at this point in my life. I’m really happy with the frame and shape of the glasses. They are light weight and don’t hurt my ears after wearing for long periods. When I first bought online glasses I accidentally bought a super chunky thick frame that ate my face. Luckily, Firmoo had a virtual look viewer, where I can upload a photo of my face and get a feel for the fit. if you’re looking to get some new specs, I suggest you check out the styles Firmoo has to offer. Thank you to Julie for recommending them to me 🙂


images by: Babe-Sicle


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