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Fall Fashion Accessories

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1. Pendant Necklace

// I love stones and gems over bling any day

2. Sleeveless Jumpsuit

//A jumpsuit is a great way to mix it up when you’re in a pants and shorts rut

3. Mini Skirt

//It’s easy to add a pattern on bottom because you have more options for the top. All your neutrals, solids and subtle patterned shirts are at game.

4. Hat

//An easy way to add any extra element to your look. I rock hats year round.

5. Candle

//First off, love the label. I haven’t purchased one of these yet but I want one big time.

6. Flats

//I have a pair similar to these. It has the appeal and intricasy of a heel but the comfort of a flat.

7. Sunglasses

//Reflective lenses have become a favorite of mine over the last year. Adds instant color to your look.

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