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Energized Work Fit

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I can finally wear what I want to work for the most part. I wore a blue collared itchy polo for 7 years, so obviously I’m soaking up every last bit of this new found creative freedom. Although sometimes, I still get into a rut in the morning. It’s dark out, I can’t turn on the light because the bf is asleep. I usually just grab my stretchiest pants, flat boots and hope to make something fun happen on top (necklace or layered collared shirt). But why not add a fun purse and patterned sweater? I realize the fur purse might be a bit much, so why not trade that out for a fur stole over a blazer?


****want to know a fun fact about this shoot? Ok here goes…vulgarity ahead! Jaclyn and I got out of the car and when a fine transient neighbor approached. He walked right up to the side of the car and started grabbing his wang and flipping it all around. You know the pose, “what giiiiirl you want some of this?” Umm no, I certainly do not. He was whispering all kinds of strange things under his breath. While another transient is yelling “pervert! pervert!” Hey, sometimes these shoots are not all as glamorous as they look! #reality ****


I’m sure you’re wondering what’s up with my furry grey friend sitting on my right—your left. Well it was black friday snag from Asos. I’m so sorry it’s sold out! But I’ll link to a million similar ones to make up for it. This is where I admit I’m avoiding buying a nice purse so I just figure if what’s better than a cheap bag that falls apart, you guessed it a ball of fur. It’s also quite the conversation starter.


Here I am again busting out this building in another post. How can you blame me? A bright modern space with huge windows a patterned wall? Yaaa, I’m sold.


Who can say no to a perfectly structured camel blazer? Not I said the cat (little hen reference). I tried SO hard to not buy this piece. I visited over 30 websites, typing in “camel blazer.” Mostly because I was being cheap and avoiding buying the beautiful one from J.crew. And well I’m sure you can tell by these photos, I made the plunge. I’m sure to my luck I’ll probably find like 100 of them for cheaper but I’m beyond stoked on the quality of this piece. I keep preaching that mantra “buy less choose well.” So I mind as well start living by it.


I take my jumping very seriously, as you can tell. Well, mostly I’m just trying to avoid making an O face.


pants: Topshop via Nordstrom
boots: gap (on sale $70)
blazer: J.crew
clutch: Asos
sweater: similar ($20)
sunnies: ray-ban
lip color: mac “up the amp”


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