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Designers Wear All Black?

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What’s the deal with designers wearing all black? I’ll admit I’ll rock all black every once in a while. It’s like a duh, easy,  no brainer decision. It gives off a classic and sophisticated look. But most times I go for color and a lot of it. Hence the name of blog here. For this look I went with light pink, hot pink, orange and mint. Some how I always end up dressing like a creamsicle…well at least you know where my head is at now.

I used to have a strict no graphic/logo t-shirts policy. Why? I guess designers spend so much time making them and just don’t care to rock them? I saw this fox tee on fab.com and decided to break my stupid rule. You still won’t catch me wearing a billabong tee anytime soon. Cue the 7th grade flash backs—yikes! What are your thoughts on the graphic tees?

P.S.–Remember my friend Haley, from this post? She did a dramatic alteration on these pants for me, I’m over the moon about them! I always loved the color, but I have trouble with the cuts on target jeans. Now they fit perfectly–no crotch sagging or butt crack showin’! I’ll be launching her blog in a few weeks here–stay tuned!