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Craving Cut Off’s

By : haley 0 Comments


Instead of this post I should show pictures of all the horrible pairs of cut offs I’ve purchased before finding these. I had the mentality before that since they were so tattered and vintage looking I should be able to find the right pair at the thrift shop or just cut up and make my own. Both of which I tried several times. They never worked out for me. I found these puppies at the end of Fall on super sale from Free People. I did have to get them altered so I don’t know how much of a sale that truly was but none the less I adore these shorts. Everytime I have to dart out for a quick errand these are what I throw on. The softness of the denim is a selling point alone.


I’ve always wanted one of these cool “hippie” muscle tanks but could never find the right graphic. To be honest I don’t know what this symbol means I bought it because I liked the color. If someone knows please enlighten me so I don’t feel like such a hippie poser-ish.


My outfit was inspired by my friend Kelsey, who shot these pictures for me. We met up for coffee to discuss her starting a fashion blog. I shot her first outfit post whoop—blog virginity stolen!  She’s a total babe with a street/urban look. I can’t wait to see what she whips up. She just launched the blog about an hour ago, so I’m excited for her to start the journey. I mean how cute is she? Here is the link to check her out.



So this isn’t the fanciest, most ground breaking outfit of the year but there is something to be said about wearing long sleeves with shorts. Everyone knows to wear short sleeves and pants right? But a long sleeve top with shorts is just one notch up, not hard to re-create and makes a fun proportion on your silhouette. P.S. I can’t believe they sell these shorts–check out the shop the post on the bottom!


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