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Citrus Squeeze

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This wall is magic. It makes anything standing in front of it instantly cool. Although, I did have a little help from my friends in the leather department. And a good mix of intertwining jewels and intricate beading.


When we started shooting I noticed I had on a lot of heavy clothing and needed a little skin to break it up. Time to improvise right? This skirt is actually fairly long so I tucked it under at the top seam. This could not have been achieved with a loose fitting shirt on top.


That was my goal this winter was to learn how to balance the smallest amount of skin against a bulky silhouette. This was definitely something I couldn’t wrap my head around last season. *Cheers to personal innovation!*


Tips for putting together a loud outfit:

1. Find balance. If you have a 2-3 heavy items, go light in another area. I had the heavy jacket and boots going so I lightened up with the skirt length.
2. Pick a neutral color to offset loud colors. I chose black you could swap this out for white, grey, camel, etc.
3. Pick 2-3 pops of colors. Neon is the base colors while coral and blue are the accents.
4. Pile on crazy accessories. You can never have on too many necklaces or bracelets—try mixing styles add in some bohemian flare along with classic and overly girly ones.
5. Play with texture. Try pairing cloth with leather, tweed or cordoroy.
6. Just have fun—I’m not a huge rule guru but am happy to share what worked for me. You can’t really go to wrong when putting together a fun look. Train your eye to find the right balance of fun energy to bring the world.



skirt: old navy (similar here or here)
top: asos (similar, similar)
boots: dolce vita
jacket: members only by Urban Outfitters
clutch: similar
necklaces: free people (similar)


Photography by: Babesicle


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