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Chartreuse & Stripes Part II

By : haley 17 Comments

skirt: topshop (similar) // shoes: steve madden // top: H&M (similar) // clutch: Mimic Designs // heels: simliar at Madewell Ok guys, you saw Wednesday’s post. So let’s get your votes. Which styling do you like best? Do you fancy the simple look with leopard slips? Or the dressed with version with blue suede heels and wide brimmed hat? I feel very Blair Eadie from Atlantic Pacific in this version which is pretty much always a good thing. My apologies for the grandma vein feet here. Wowee does that mean I need some sun or what?! So you’ve seen two ways to style this look. If you missed Tuesday’s look, see here. Now please vote on your favorite! Laid back with leopard slip ons or dressed up with blue suede heels?

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17 thoughts on “Chartreuse & Stripes Part II”

  1. I LOVE the colour of your shoes! I agree, very Blair like today, and that’s always a good thing! Have a great weekend.
    -Megan xoxo


  2. I CANT CHOOSE!! both looks are pretty great!!! love!

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  3. Wow you look good on your outfit! Nice blog btw! Keep blogging! You deserve more views! Please also visit my blog http://kimaitabar.blogspot.co.nz/. have a nice day!

  4. both looks are gorgeous! but the dressed down look with the leopard accents is my fave!!



  5. I love them both but I really love the hat in this one!

    xo Amy

  6. The blue pumps totally change the outfit! great combo.

  7. This look reminds me of Coco Chanel in color. I love how classy this looks. Thanks for your nice comment. I will have to check the rest of your blog out. Thanks for stopping by mine. Rachel xo

  8. Btw I like this outfit the best.

  9. I really love this one with the blue shoes. I love seeing unexpected colors together. I really love your blog! You have such cute style 🙂
    xo jac

  10. Love that skirt, it looks fab with the stripes. I think I prefer it with the blue heels

  11. Love the color of the skirt! Blue shoes are such a surprising combo! Great outfit!


  12. Hey I can’t get this look out of my head, going to have to Pinterest it if I may? Also I do every once in awhile a “Bloggers who inspire me” post may I include this blog post/your name (giving your blog and name credit?) in that post? You can e-mail me at Rachel.garay@me.com or leave a comment with or without your permission on my blog. Thanks, Rachel xo

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  14. Hey Haley- this is now featured- http://garaytreasures.wordpress.com/2014/03/07/bloggers-who-have-inspired-me-3/
    Let me know what you think! Rachel xo

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