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Blush Pink Mornings

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Who knew early morning light could be so good? I teamed up with fellow bright white light lover, Julia Maya, to bring these sun-filled scenes.


The best/worst part of fashion blogging, is location scouting. Generally I like to head out to the industrial areas. I love look of tarnished metals, chipped paint and just the plain old grime of it all. As you might guess, this areas are quite desolate but you do get the occasional guest. This wall was the mecca of white walls for Julia and I, so were willing to do anything to shoot here. When we’re out, I’ve always got my eyes peeled in case something goes down. As this shoot was happening two guys rolled up and parked just feet in front of us. Mind you, there were a 100 other places for them to park. The first guy gets out, the second gets out holding an electric drill straight up with his finger on the “trigger” and I am just staring him down, in mind thinking “yup, this is where it all ends”. As I’m iImaging some Saw like movie action about to go down. Then he casually turns and walks into some industrial building across the street. Julia laughs because she can tell I was about to book it out of there, heels and all. Then we get back to work, as if we had seen nothing at all.


This St. Eve necklace is still a favorite more than a year later. It looks like they don’t sell this one anymore, but here is a similar one in their collection.


I’m a sucker for a duster. This can be proven here, here and here. A fun way to approach dusters for fall is to consider creative ways to layer your top or sweater. You could consider a button up and cuff the sleeves out the sides. In this case, I went for a 70’s sweater with billowy wide sleeves. Pulling them through to show the scalloped edges. Most times that’s what I’m unconsciously doing, adding small details that can elevate your look. Then I write about it on here, and make it seemed like it was planned haha.


Have you tried the bridge sunglasses yet? When I first saw the style come out, I was HIGHLY obsessed with colored reflective lenses that I quite literally couldn’t see anything else approaching the scene. As with any trend that comes along, I always try out the cheap version first to see if it’s something I would like long term. To follow suite, I picked these up from Forever21.  I don’t think I could find a better pair even if I had racked out decent cash for them.


jeans: madewell // belt: zara // backpack: Forever21 // necklace: st. eve jewelry (similar) // trench: Forever21 // booties: target // sunglasses: forever21


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Photos by: Julia Maya, @juliamaya_

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