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Blazer + Boots

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When I put this outfit on I was like ok this would look awesome with the typical minimal two strap black heel, seen here.  I decided to switch it up with a tan bootie instead, hoping it would still give the elongated leg effect without looking completely typical. I’m not sure I love the result but I do like trying new things. I wore this to work last week without the blazer. This outfit is another example of why I think it’s worth it to spend some money on a few good tops. I own many of varieties of t-shirts but when it comes to an interesting blouse per say the selection is limited. I DO NOT enjoy buying tops but I did kinda force myself to get this one from Anthro last year. I’ve worn the hell out of it to work and on the weekends. Give me some solid stripes and a lace collar and I’m good to go.


I’ve also had this rad mint watch for a while but never really worn it because I needed a link taken out. Nordstrom usually does this for free but I was sent over to Timex and they did it for $15 which I was kinda bummed about but I can’t complain because my watch is now wearable. There is one post where it appeared in, see it here lol.


Onto the messy bun. I’ve just been sitting here for the last year drolling over top knots. Every time I put on a sleek outfit I’m like you know what would really knock this out of the park…a top knot! I’ve never had the right hair length until now. I’m still not quiet there but this messy baby bun give me a similar effect. The way I’ve been making this work is showering at night and blow drying. Then waking up and putting some sea salt spray in my hands before I tie the hair up. It gives this crazy cool texture that I’ve always wanted. A little grease goes a long way! haha


blazer: Urban Outfitters (similar) // tank top: Anthropologie (old sold out–sorry!) // jeans: Madewell // Sunglasses: Target (similar) // Booties: Old Navy (similar) // watch: A-Thread Apparel (yay–they still sell this $33!)


Also this shoot was super awkward because I made my BF walk over to this spot on my lunch break in 100 degree heat and told him there was this cool door that would make a good photo opp. I mean look at those rad window panes?! It turned out to be a law office and the lady came out and was like uggh can I help you? I’m no thanks were just photographing the door. She looks at the door shrugs and closely it on us haha. Next time I’ll be sure to shoot here on the weekends.

Do boots and blazers work together? You be the judge.

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