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Hi guys~I’ve been extremely inspired by The Daybook Blog. I know I am super late to the game on finding this sweet little blog. But don’t you love when you find a blog and become instantly addicted? I can relate to her writing style BUT mostly I can relate to her wardrobe. She uses so many versatile pieces that she uses through out most outfits.

My favorite way to make an outfit is finding inspiration online. Seeing an item within an outfit and being like oh! I have something similar. Then putting your own spin it. That’s life really isn’t it? I mean, to claim something is totally original and uninspired is just crazy talk! I’d be lying if I said the first thing I magically pull out the closets works for an outfit. No, for me it’s about trying different combo’s. I usually stand in the mirror every morning with two pairs of shoes on, playing flamingo balancing on one leg at a time, trying to figure out which shoe goes best. Don’t be afraid to experiment—get silly. Put on something that makes you a little nervous. I’ve had many times I walked out the door and was like “woah—Haley what are you wearing?!” And ran back inside. But that’s where the fun is for me. Pushing the limits and finding out what works for me and my body type.


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You guys could steal my entire wardrobe but if you left me this leather jacket I would be happy. Seriously, this is one my favorite items I own. I’ve had it for several years. The saddest part of this jacket’s life was on the first day I wore it was in college, riding my bike to class. Then I bent over to lock it up and the lining ripped down the middle lol. Yes, I’m still rocking this jacket ripped lining or not! Oh p.s. I found this cute little clutch for $4 at the Goodwill 50% off sale!

So tell me where do you get your outfit inspiration from? Is there something you’ve been wanting to try but have shy’ed away for one reason or another?