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Black Bow

By : haley 11 Comments

I ride my bike past these sunflowers every morning on my way to work. I appreciate them because they are so uncharacteristic to the area. They grow in the alley way filled with trash and old couches. I’m glad i could finally share them with you.

jean skirt: Target (similar) // bow top: H&M (similar) // heels: Target (similar)

I decided to document this outfit because I had to give a presentation at work—which pretty much never happens. So I dusted off my trusty pencil skirt. No matter how prepared you are for a meeting a solid outfit will always seal the deal. You’ll naturally present yourself and your information better. My outfits tend to express my mental clarity for the day. If I’m in jeans and flats, that means it’s real cloud up there. On the other hand if your not prepared for a presentation maybe your killer outfit will say otherwise? I’m always down for some fashion fooling. Is there anything small or uncharacteristic that you appreciate in your neighborhood?

11 thoughts on “Black Bow”

  1. You look amazing! Love the outfit.
    x Kirsty

  2. What a gorgeous setting for a post! I love this outfit, it’s something I’d love to wear to work. I agree about wearing a pencil skirt, I always feel more put-together when I wear one.

  3. You lady, look absolutely stunning!
    Simply adore the outfit

  4. This blouse is sooo beautiful and professional, and I love the shots of the sunflowers. You are gorgeous!

    Xo, Hannah


  5. The 3rd picture down is probably my favorite photo of you ever. You so pwetty! Miss you.

  6. Cute outfit! Perfect for a presentation 🙂 And I love your hair!


  7. You look beyond adorable! I love that bow! And I also love that you ride your bike to work!! That just sounds lovely.

  8. You are sooo cute! love this outfit… that blouse is to die for. and love your hair!

    Lady à la Mode

  9. I do love the black and white ensemble. The close up is amazing! Beauty!

  10. Great outfit! You look gorgeous. One of my favourites for sure. I liked your man post as well – what a hottie!

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