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Battle of the Trenches

By : haley 0 Comments

We all know this familiar face; mr. khaki trench coat. You can buy him in nudes, browns, & tans. He even cinches at the waist–how perfect is that? This can be a truly flattering piece on just about anybody. It’s a great item to throw on and feel put together without requiring  much effort. The first photographed trench I bought this season at Old Navy for 40% off whooop! The other coat I bought on sale from Gap last year (also on sale). It arrived in the mail and didn’t quiet fit right–from there I took it an alterations shop. I still wasn’t crazy about it. It has a TON of fabric on the bottom half and the color strikes me as odd after seeing photos of it. It’s so hard to let go of an item that you’ve spent money on altering. I figured if I photographed it, it would solidify my choice on keeping it or not. So what do you guys think–who wins the battle of the trenches?






old navy trench, find it here


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