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Art Round Up

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I’m putting together an application for an artist residency and all the image compiling has prompted me to put it up in a blog post. There’s so much art happening over here at a rapid pace, it’s hard to remember what’s been shared on the blog, my portfolio, or through IG stories. I figured it was time for a solid round up. I want to look back to see how things have progressed and shifted over the years. 

Right now I’m really into exploring new mediums. I still do a lot of small scale work and love scaring myself by making big pieces. I just bought my first 36 x 36, excited to get working on that. Living down the street from the art store is fun, I can just walk them home. 

I just love color so my style often waivers between bold pinks, oranges—then I’ll mix in subtle, soft pieces with neutrals and greys. 


I’m adding this image into the mix because I never really expected to do anything outdoor. Murals have NEVER crossed my mind, yet here I am being asked to do a few. 

Thank you Danny for snapping these photos in my room. 

The nice thing about having been a photographer for years, I’m able to easily obtain high resolution digital files of each piece. Even if the artwork has been sold in person, I still have a copy and can make a print out of it, usually at 16×20 or smaller. 

Thanks for taking a look! #CMCpaints on Instagram: @colourmeclassic

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