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6 Quick Ways to Pump Up Your Look

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1.  Add a hat. Throwing on a fedora, panama or straw hat instantly add visual interest. I have them hanging on nails in my room so I can quickly grab one on the way out.

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2.  Add a set of stacked bracelets. This can be anything from mixed metals to braided colorful pieces. This is one thing you can buy at most clothing stores. I’ve actually had really good luck with bracelets from American Eagle.

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3. Do your face and lips. When running out the door I usually just put on some powder for SPF and to eliminate face redness. Then I’ll throw on a super light colored gloss. Lip crayons work great because you don’t have to be very accurate when applying, same with NYX gloss. It’s the eye makeup and bronzers that take me the longest so I usually skip those when dashing out.

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4. Curl your eye lashes. Takes 3 seconds, heat the curler under a dryer. This plus some eye drops helps me feel instantly more awake. I prefer not to wear mascara or eyeliner on the weekends so this is my quick way to make them look longer and less crazy from your night sleep.

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5. Do a low pony tail. When there’s no time to shower, a little bit of dry shampoo and low pony tail usually hides any kinks or grease in the hair. Being blonde, I prefer to use the clear rubber bands to hold my hair up.

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6. Throw on a vest. When there’s no time to plan a fancy outfit, adding a vest will instantly make any dress, shorts and a t-shirt combination look like a full outfit without any prep. I have several vests on hand that I throw on when running out, think neutral colors to increase matching options. Have you heard of the 3rd piece rule? This article on Who What Wear explains why this works. Here’s a few examples of vests, I do this ALL the time.

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Most of these tricks are meant to be done separately but hey if you’ve got the time go at it. The key is quickness. Do you already do of these tricks? What are some of your own?


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