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2015 Recap

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So much can happen in 2015. This year felt like 3 years packed into 1. I was talking to a friend this morning and told her my saying “some years ask questions, others answer.” This year was full of answers. I already feel the questions of 2016 popping into my head.

After reading this ridiculously long list to my boyfriend, he asked how I remembered all these things, seeing as he knows my horrible memory all too well. In case you’re interested in compiling your own list, here’s how I put mine together. I gathered up all my notebooks and to-do lists from the year. Then trolled my Instagram and Facebook feeds for major events and milestones. I actually wrote half this post September, so I sort of cheated. But hey, I love taking time to reflect, it’s so important now more than ever. We lived in a super fast paced society and tend to get caught up in what happened today or this week. Chances are if you look back on your year, you will find several positives as well!

Peaks of 2015:

–Started a business, Common Space Sacramento.
A rentable space for workshops, photoshoots or events!


–Moved into a new house (aka central heat + air aaaaand a garbage disposal!)

–Started a new job


–Lived in a new city for 3 months

–Landscaped and designed our backyard


–Purchased my first laptop

–Freelanced for a design firm in SF

–Branded a shopping center in Walnut Creek


–Learned how to use PowerPoint and Keynote like the best of them

–Met 150 new co-workers

–Branded a wine company

–Branded a local wine bar

–Started a blogger bootcamp

–Common Space held it’s first photography class

–Our Bourbon Babes club reached 10k followers!

–Attended 2 music festivals

–Learned how to use Adobe Muse to publish websites. Built the Common Space website using this!

–Took a water color class


–Blended my love of painting, photography and fashion into one medium. I started a series called #cmcpaints, where I take my water color paintings and transpose them onto walls for a mural like effect.
This unique angle helped to feature outfits for the Colour Me Classic in a new light.


–Was featured by A House Lars Built and A Beautiful Mess

–Spoke at the Fashion Forward event hosted by the Dress Fiend at Portal Sac

fashion forward

–Appeared on the News 10 promoting the event with The Dress Fiend, Tre and Vanessa

–Attended the first Blogger conference in Sacramento–Northern Ambition

northern ambition

–Hosted Tuesdays Together and Capcity Blogger Network events at my studio

capcity blogger network

–Switched from Mac to PC…just for work! Still switch back and forth several times per day though. My brain doesn’t seem to mind too much.

–Celebrated 5 years with my man!

five years

–Attended CMND SHFT, my first designer conference since living here in Sacramento

–Was featured on Refinery 29 for a wedding photoshoot

–Traveled to Tahoe and Dillons beach

–Worked two weeks straight for a major event at Moscone West SF

–Branded City Scout Magazine

–Designed a logo and website for Wannabe Fashion Blogger, Tamryn!

wannabe fashion blogger

–Saw Aziz Ansai live

–Attended a chocolate salon. AKA a convention with ALL chocolate. Maybe the best day of my life.

–Had an orange birthday party

–Photographed a basketball game for the Sacramento King’s Instagram team

–Appeared on a magazine cover for Our Weddings magazine

our weddings magazine

–Hosted the Roseville Origin’s Grand Opening event


–Started working with actual photographers for the blog, Julia Maya and Susan Yee!

–Re-branded Vanessa’s blog Babesicle! Had a blast illustrating watercolor cacti. Do check out her site!


–Visited my former college, and helped review students design portfolios

–Appeared in a magic DVD tutorial, Anniversary Waltz

–Was in an SNL skit for a work halloween competition, won first place! See the video here.

–Discovered two new forms of work out I adore, Buti Yoga and Barre class!

Hopefully this doesn’t come off as braggy, I’m a capricorn so I love planning and getting stuff done!
I tend to get caught up in drama or negative spells when I’m not working towards something fun or positive.

On a personally level, this year I just started grasping how to slow down mentally and physically. Putting my phone down to enjoy the moment is amazing. I had a SUCH a hard time doing this early in the year and I feel I’m finally finding peace in the moment.

Cheers to 2016!


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