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2013 Year in Review

By : haley 5 Comments

Starting from January 2013 top left, ending in December 2013 on bottom right. When I first started making this, I thought wow what a fun way to end the year and see a progression in style. After pasting about the 40th photo of my face, it got a bit alarming, so I’m sorry if this is super creepy. That is literally every outfit post I’ve done this past year. 61 outfit posts, not too shabby, I definitely want to up that percentage in 2014! When I started this blog about a year and a half ago, I said I didn’t want to buy anything new and see how many outfits I could come up with. I wanted to show that you didn’t need a huge budget for clothing to make a wide variety of killer outfits. Vote your favorite outfit in the comments below. State the number and reason why. I want to learn what type of outfits you guys are most receptive too so I can gear towards that for this upcoming year! Thanks so much reading and following along this past year! I’ll do a 2014 goals post in the next few weeks!

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5 thoughts on “2013 Year in Review”

  1. I’m so excited to be able to look over my outfits from the past year, but my blog is still under a year old.

    I seriously love your style, and every time I think I have a favourite look, I scroll up or down and then I pick a new favourite.

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. Theres so many cute outfits here! I was going to try to pick my favorite but there all so cute it’s hard!!

  3. great and colorful look, I love the diversity of each look,

  4. Oh I love this idea! What a great way to see all your outfits together and, like you said, the progression of style! Definitely some great looks here – and totally not creepy!


  5. This is very cool! I’m a newish follower so missed most of these. I think numbers 3 and 50 are my favorites. Casual but cute.

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