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11 Ways to Kick Winter Blues

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I saw this look on the Platinum & Penniless blog and instantly knew I could recreate it. That’s the whole point of blogs right? I was actually scrolling through her blog and boyfriend said wow I really like the outfits you’ve been doing lately. I’m like ummm that’s not me, sorry haha. We do got that platinum hair though.


Lately, I’ve been feeling down about winter. I’ve been relying heavily on fun outfits to bring new life to each day. Getting ready in the dark is not my favorite—thank you built in phone flash light! Read my tips for kicking those blues below:


I’m a big time winter hater. Bigger than most I know. I get immediately sad when it’s dark and cold when I get off work. I’m run cold normally so adding in actual cold temps does not help. I’m creating my own silver lining this year to help me get out of this seasonal funk. Here are my 11 tips for making it through the winter with happy spirits:

1. Cuddle up. We finally bought a couch that J and I can both sit on. This makes us want to be home and cuddle for a movie night.

2. Tea Time. Currently, I’m mowing down on peppermint, sugar cookie tea. Ya tea is stepping up it’s game these days. this also helps curb my crazy night eating. I’ll several different flavors.

3. Fresh slippers. I am actually wearing a really sad old pair right now. So I’m not exactly taking my own advice yet but I’ll get on it. All I know is I pulled out my slippers from 2010 that I just keep washing and got kinda sad. If you can’t get new ones, at least throw last years in the wash to fluff them up. Or buy a thick fuzzy sock for around the house.

4. Bright winter clothes. what’s sadder than having to wear all black from November to February? I bought an ice blue coat so I’m not stuck with my sad black pea coats all winter again. That was my biggest regret from last season was not buying a bright coat.

5. Catch up with friends. If you’re anything like me, you have friends my high school, college, post college, first job, aunts, cousins and those that you just don’t talk to every day. Arrange a phone call. I know it stresses me out even saying the word phone call. I’m your #1 texting buddy. Once you call me I ignore that shit. Sorry. I should get better at this but I kinda dread phone calls. #introvert

6. Go to the snow. Well since it’s freezing and you mind as well drive right in! I live about an hour from the snow. So I can quickly whip of a trip to Tahoe at a moments notice. I think there is something magical about living somewhere that snows. For us, in Sacramento it’s almost a little sad because its cold as hell with none of the bright beautiful flakes. Don’t jump on my back too quick, I know there is a huge downside to living in the snow too. If not the snow, go ice skating at your local rink.

7. Write Thank you’s. Now is the time to pay those respects you’ve received through out the year. Did a family member let you use their cabin this summer? Did someone help you move? I think we all forget how much people appreciate a hand written thank you note. With all the extra time you have in doors I think you can manage to bust out a couple.

8. Work out. I actually didn’t realize this until this summer. I actually work out a ton in the fall and winter. Summer you just feel like kicking back, vacationing, sitting on the patio. Plus the gym is fairly hot and unbearable at times. In the winter, I work out a ton. Not only because of the weather but to boost my mood.

9. Eat Upbeat. Try and add salmon or whole grains into your diet. Don’t let your mood dip because of poor food choices. Try and get those omega-3 fatty acids and good carbohydrates.

10. Don’t hibernate. I joke to my friends all year long that once December hits they won’t see me until come Spring time. Our friends have been trying to develop a weekly Friday night dinner. Get together and bring a few items to share. Play cards and throw back a few spiked ciders.

11. Plan Trips. You’re going to want something to look forward to for spring and summer. Take this time to map out where you want to go and what your saving strategy will be.


pants: citizens of humanity
coat: forever21
boots: zara
purse: kate spade
scarf: boutique (old)
stripe shirt: gypsy mobile boutique (old)


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