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How to Beat a Funk

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I’m writing this because I’m in the middle of one big messy funk. It’s been a rough week. I don’t like to dive into the specifics of the situations, it just feels unprofessional to me. I have clients that read the blog, co-workers, potential brand partners and it just doesn’t feel right to air the dirty laundry in it’s entirety. I am however, willing to share what I’ve learned and how I arrived at those conclusions.

I’m trying to operate more on the lines of vulnerability vs. hiding behind a big fancy wall of fashion. Because behind all that makeup, designer clothing, perfect Instagram feeds were all just people who face difficulties each day. Instead of trying to look perfect, maybe we actually talk about the issues we face. Because possessing the confidence and tact to talk about an issue, how to work through it and relating on the human experience is MUCH more VALUEABLE than having a fabulous outfit, no?

That being said, here is my attempt to be vulnerable.

I have many items I’m trying to improve with in myself. In a business and a relationship sense. I know my processes and communications are FAR from where I want them to be. I take each interaction and learn from it. One thing people don’t tell you is that you may end up crashing into a similar problem 10 times before you FULLY learn the whole lesson. I’d much rather run into the same issue 10 times, then be nieve and never learn the principle at all. But wow, it is exhausting and irritating when you keep running into the same issue. It’s so hard to look at a “flaw” in the face and lean in to it. Accepting a flaw in yourself can be painful. But accepting it is half the battle and knowing how to play to your own strengths and weaknesses is the game. We all have them. Being able to pinpoint your growth point is HUGE! Next time your encountering a trying task, you know to focus more energy on that spot or ask for help. If you don’t know your growth points, you can never work past them.

Enough back story and back to the point: 

I’ve already had the mental breakdown and the poor me bag of Justin’s mini chocolate peanut butter cups. Now I have to face the music and get out of this funk! Here are a few tactics I’m trying, hopefully one of them will pop up in your mind, next time you’re facing tough times.


Here’s what I found works.

1. Get out of the House.
I work from home, so getting out of here reminds me there’s a big world out there and makes my problems seem smaller. It helps calm my mind and let’s me ease into breaking down the issues what I’m facing.

2. Write in Your Journal
Get the heart of the issue. Don’t ignore fight the problem, lean into it. It can be uncomfortable but that’s growth. Writing down your thoughts is a great non-judgment way to sort out how you’re feeling.

3. Talk to a Close Friend
Get a second opinion on the issue your facing. Chances are you can’t see it fully, since you’re so close to it.

4. Play
Plan a fun activity with friends or family. You’ve probably been neglecting your mental health, it needs a break from hustle. Give into your non-productive side and see where it takes you.

5. Pay it Forward
Do something nice for someone else, it will help get your mind off your current situation.

6. Switch it Up
I’m normally living in jeans, a top and flats of sorts. I decided to curl my hair, throw on a dress, a red lip and face the world.

7. Ask for Help
Find someone who loves you to help lighten the load. Or simply to have a brainstorming session. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help you, if you just ask.

8. Talk Kindly to Yourself
The internal voice in your head dictates how you feel about yourself. Remind yourself you can do it, you have the strength and competence to

9. Get some Zzzz’s
Sleep absolutely effects your mood, energy and how much you consume during the day. Turn off the computer and put down your cell phone, the internet will be there tomorrow.

10. Relaxation
Light a candle, schedule a massage, commit to a yoga session. Have you ever used doyogawithme.com? They have a ton of free videos for all levels.


Remember everyone faces these same issues from time to time. Don’t suffer in silence. You’re not alone and it will pass with greater clarity.

Thank you for letting me share some of the tactics I’ve tried over the past few days. Please let me know if you end up using any of them! I miss the old days of blog comments 🙂

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