The Lost Purse

boyfriend jean: Gap // heels: Forever21 (old but similar here) // purse: Target (similar) // sweater: Forever21 (similar) // belt: j.Crew (similar) guys. after this post I committed one of the worst blogging mistakes of all. leaving behind a prop. That prop being my purse filled with cash, all my credit cards, ID, keys, etc. Ya this was a BIG fail. So this was a strange day, we went to pick up my friends large scale paintings from an art gallery and transport them to his house in the truck. We decided to tact on a blog post in the alley way behind the gallery. Took a few photos. Then from a near by apartment I hear one my friends calling my name from his 2nd story room. He comes down we chat then decided to head out. I had set my purse down next to this wall, which kind of blends in. So I leave and about 30 mins later my friend gets a call from me. I’m standing right next to her and she asks why I’m calling her. I’ll like I don’t know and I actually don’t know where my phone is right now. Sudden panic sets in. My friend from the apartment is on the phone saying that his room mate spotted my purse as we was moving out. THANK GOD! Can you imagine what a nightmare that would be? So glad there was an angel watching over me for this post. I’m happy to have my purse back and will be more cognizant about making sure all my props come home with me. Please help me not feel so foolish, by adding a horror story of your own.

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  1. Jackie

    WOW. You couldn’t have been more lucky!!! I always find stories like this help you remember that there’s some really good people out there.

    On another note, the outfit is super cute and the backdrop was really cool, too!

    xoxo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. emmett

    thank goodness your friend’s roommate spotted your purse, it’s horrible enough to lose your purse and all your ID as it is, but right around the holidays, even worse! your outfit is cute, love that & sweatshirt!