Re-Brand 2018

Hello! I decided it was time for Colour Me Classic to get a much needed re-brand, I hadn’t touched the logo in 4 years. It is the 3rd official re-brand over the course of 6 years. I wanted to make something using a custom painted look along with a hand drawn pattern. The typography finally needed to feel classic, because, duh! The map topographical map alludes to the fact that this space is ever evolving, changing and documenting my journey through time and space.

I came to this realization, after realizing, I’d spent so much time, money and resources building other things I had not put in time to think about my own personal brands. Many of you know I help run a media company, Common Space Media and a rentable studio, Common Space Sacramento. As much fun as those things are, I still need a place that is design (this place!) and fashion focused (the place you’re at now). I’m learning these brands all overlap and help each other. At the same time, I had to learn to not judge myself when one of the brands looses attention for awhile.

Another goal was to create a diverse yet eclectic brand. I know many brands steer clear from using paint because it could be hard to reproduce in different situations (single color, screen printed, embroidered, etc). I used this as a challenge for myself, if I can make a formula that works for, I can definitely use it for future clients. How did I achieve the look without sacrificing mixed usage in the market? By adding in sub marks. The logo can exist horizontally, vertically, in a tab structure, in an oval or square. The paint can break away from the mark to become a textured pattern.

Business cards printed through!

Taking a moment to see how the brand has transformed over the years.

I thought it was time for a new headshot. I’m trying to decide between the serious and friendly one? Hmm maybe I’ll do an animated gif, where it rotates when highlighted?
Which one do you like?

To save on the amount of writing I do on the site, I’m thinking it would be cool to have a video talking about my process, what it’s like to work with me and what to expect out of investing in design.

I’m currently working on one other rebrand, for my personal design work. Currently, it’s under my name but I just finish the brand name. I’ve got the logo made, I just need to make the business card, finish the website!

How is your personal brand coming along? What struggles do you face?

If you’re looking for a new logo, I’d love to chat with you!

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Photo Equipment: Camera body: Canon 5D Mark III / lens: Canon 100mm /  – Photo Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom CC

Photography by: me via – Common Space Media
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  1. Michelle

    So fun to see the evolution. Love the topographical overlay! And I like the “serious” headshot best (I’d characterize it as “gracefully strong”), but both are great. Hip hip hooray.

  2. Eli

    The first headshot interestingly juxtaposes a feeling of power and vulnerability, which I find so captivating. That photograph, like your style, appears timeless and universal; and presents that contemplative element your aesthetic conveys. I love it that despite the significant changes, your brand stays true to who you are – as an artist and as a person. I still struggle in regard to my own brand definition and direction, and it delights me to see those who succeed in their own evolution. Cheers!