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Happy Valentine’s Day you guys! Meet the amazing man behind most all of the photos on this blog. I really owe a big thanks to Josiah for helping me take photos for the last 3 years! Oh, and for dating my crazy ass that long too! We are planning on stay in and make a nice dinner to avoid the pricey plates and crowds. Ok, onto the outfits. Soo I really struck it rich with Old Navy this weekend. Surprising, I know! My skirt, top and necklace are all from ON. I’m really feeling pink and red right this year. They say not to wear red if you have pink tones in your skin, but no one ever said anything heels! Now, I know a lot of people start feeling down when thinking about valentine’s so why not make it day where you do something nice for someone you care about—Who say’s it’s got to be all about romance? On that note do you have any special plans this evening and what do you plan on wearing? Let’s be real I’ve celebrating since the second the Valentine’s aisle went up at Target. Bring on the Ghiradelli chocolate!


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  1. Karli

    This is a gorgeous post. You both look stunning. I want those red shoes so much! I’ve got on a spotty red dress, red belt and heart earrings. Give me a theme, I’ll run with it. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  2. Cams

    You two are a veryyy cute couple. I love it when a couple shares a style…it’s awesome…and I’m sure he appreciates what you do here :).

    Happy love day!

    ps. I have that skirt 😉

  3. Heather K.

    Cutesy pictures! Love both of your shoes and let me just tell you , I had a pink and red dilemma, and now that I see you’ve pulled it off with that black… I’m a little jealous I didn’t think of that. But when I say pink and red, I mean I would have been a walking valentine. So I just went pink.

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