Pink Pencil & Leopard

I wear blush now, I know strange right? I figured I’m so pale this time of year there’s no point in putting on bronzer anymore. If you haven’t switched over to blush yet for the winter months you should. It’s a nice subtle change and more believable than a faux-tan. I’ve always been scared of leopard print. I figured I would just save that for when I was 40. But there’s been a lot of this print sneaking into my wardrobe as of late. This was the first leopard print I’ve ever purchased. It felt safe and subtle because it wasn’t the traditional browns and orange tones. I’ve styled this skirt a variety of ways during Summer and Fall, with anything from camo to a graphic cut off tee. See those looks: here & here. Try investing in a solid color pencil skirt, something along the lines of green, tan, pink or blue. You can remix this a million different ways and it’s office appropriate. Do you wear pencil skirts? Are they too serious for your taste?

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