New Approach to the Standard Work Dress

  We’ve all worn this before. The standard black work dress. The length is appropriate the material is kosher but it’s kinda boxy. You got it on sale at Gap in an act of desperation. Ya me too, I’m wearing it. To be honest I don’t wear this dress to work anymore because I simply didn’t know how to style it. But it’s truly a great staple if you have the right items to add to the ensemble. I almost didn’t shoot this outfit because I thought it was “dumb”. Thankfully Vanessa gave me a little courage and I now looking back at this outfit, I’m like damn I want to wear that right now! 1. it’s too boxy= wear a belt. how about a fun color? neon pink perhaps? wrap it in a loop–it’s less boring to look at. 2. the neckline is odd and unflattering=add a super fitted high collared button up top. 3. it’s black=add la patterned coat. In this case, leopard seemed to work well. 4. The cut ends at a weird spot=wear nude heels. ya ya you’ve heard me say it before, it elongates yo legs!

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  1. Meredith

    Glad you ended up liking this outfit, because I think it’s great! You styled that dress perfectly with the white button up and the leopard coat is a great addition. It steps the whole outfit up a notch!