Galentines @Hock Farm


The local bloggers gals decided to get together for Galentine’s day. I’ve been honestly spending a ton of time with men lately. I’ve got 2 male roommates and my design team at work is made up of 3 male co-workers. So needless to say, I needed some female bonding in my life!


It was a joyful night filled with laughter. I enjoyed sharing what’s been on our hearts and minds. The waiters were even sprinkling rose petals on the table for us! haaaa.

I came home feeling fulfilled, as an introvert that is a huge difference vs feeling drained after a big event.

I couldn’t help but noticing how inspiring, uplifting and hilarious everyone there was. I know bloggers get a bad rep for being ‘self obsessed’ but I felt anything but. IMO, bloggers are people in search of connections, passions, heart and community. Try to tell me how that is wrong?! Anyway, I love these ladies, let’s get onto talking about the drinks, decor, desserts.



Shop high waisted Liya denim by Citizen of Humanity.


Check out this lighting trick I learned in the flash photography class last year! Try bouncing a light off a white dinner plate, it helps create a soft fill light on the face! Woop!





An Old Fashioned Banana Cocktail (left)
Roasted banana-infused Sonoma Brothers bourbon, raw sugar, chai-infused angostura bitters
The Bird & The Bee (check out that wooden honey dipper!)

Griffo dry gin, creme de cacao, wildflower honey, fresh lemon – served up with a spiced strawberry-sugar rim


Sticky Toffee Pudding
Pear, bourbon caramel, ginger ice cream


Dark Chocolate Cremeux
Pistachio, blood orange, oreo cookie crumb

The full Valentine’s Day menu can be found at


Oh btw, please notice how cute and fancy all the ladies look! I’m over here in my mom jeans and boots. Ha forgive me, I just came from work!


I thought it would be fun to add in links to everyone’s blogs/social from left to right.

Meaghan, Ruthie, me, Melinda, Libier, Katie, Kristina, Marie, Kachet

I kind of love this Ellen Degeneres selfie shot! ha




Photography by: Christina Best Photography
Christina on Instagram and on Facebook
*Special thanks to Hock Farm for hosting us!

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  1. Kristina

    I love us. That’s not self obsessed is it? But, seriously what a fabulous group of uplifting and inspiring creative minds. And, the food that was crazy good too!!