fur scarf & patent leather boots

skirt: Chic wish (sold out, similar here) // boots: Zara (similar) // sweater: The Limited (similar) // fur scarf: Asos //   This is one of those outfits that I actually wore to work and was comfortable enough to sit in all day. Aaaand I could ride my to work in it so that’s a huge plus. These boots on the other hand have been quite a conversation starter. Only Zara could make a boot look so sophisticated for under $100. Anyways I’m not gonna lie I was about to publish this post and realized I forgot to write something. And well I would feel like I was cheating you if I didn’t add some commentary. To be honest, what percent of you read the article and what portion just look at the photos? I’m not gonna lie, I’m a designer and I rarely read. Hope that doesn’t sound bad but I spend so much time in the visual realm I sometimes stop looking at the words. Sometimes I have to force myself to sit down and read. I guess that’s just the pace of the ever moving internet? Whelp there’s my abundance of honesty for the evening.  

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  1. Julie

    Girl seriously. Way way cute. And you are just too adorable. I’m also sitting over here dying over the sunglasses (and everything else) in the previous post. WHERE?! Love the looks girl, you are on a super mega hot streak!

    • haley

      I just realized I should probably write back to comments on the blog haha oopsie. Thank you so much–that made my day <3!