Frolicking for Fall

Hello Hello! I’m excited to say it’s finally Fall! What am I most excited about for this new season you ask? Well tights and boots of course! I found this dress last weekend at Cuffs in Sacramento for $15! I showed it to my grandma as it reminds me of something she would have sewn in the 70’s. She told me this style of dress is called a sheath. Apparently Michelle Obama and Duchess Catherine are best known for wearing them…Thanks google. I would follow their fashion lead any day. I was also very excited to find these sun glasses. I actually found them at a lingerie store. Who would of thought? Aaand don’t forget these slouchy boots. A Nordstroms rack findβ€”if you have even a slight shoe addiction DO NOT set foot in this store. Now onto the fine details…

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  1. Kayce

    Love your style Haley! I’m new at blogging and will definitely have yours to admire and inspire along my journey πŸ™‚


  2. Leah

    Oh my gosh, I love the colors you’ve got going on here. The tights really make the dress pop.
    And thanks so much for the kind words on my blog! I’ll be following along with you : )