Do the Polka

Hi all! It’s been surprisingly warm around these parts. And let me tell you, I am all smiles about that. Before my boyfriend and I took these photos he looked down before I put on my shoes and said, “I forgot you had feet…” I think I might forgotten have too. It’s been boots, boot and more boots for the last few months. Oh, and my hideous house slippers. So I decided to resist tights for this outfit. Although, they were hot pink and I am definitely going to put them in another post—because hot pink is rad!  But with polka dots, chambray and lace there is quite enough going on here with out them.

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How do you choose what to eliminate when an outfit becomes too busy? Leave a comment below!
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  1. Star White

    LOVE those shoes and the fact that you thrifted them is even more awesome! This whole outfit us just grand!

    This morning I looked at myself before heading out the door and took off my big earrings. They were just too much with a patterned blouse, scarf, coat, and bow in my hair!