The key to running a successful blog is good high quality content. It is equally important to have a nicely designed site for your information to live in. When people visit your blog it’s like coming into your home. Taking time to put effort into the appearance of your blog will go a long way and keep visitors coming back. I would love to work with you on achieving your goals for your blog!

Services CMC offers:

Logos, Branding, Web design, Social media icons, Custom signature, Coding for WordPress, Facebook Cover photo, Twitter background, Favicon and Media kits.

Here is a list of our clients:


Frequently Asked Client Questions:

What do I need to get started?
Your own domain name. A hosting account. Once those items are complete you need installed on your site. Godaddy can install this for you over the phone.

What information should I provide you?
We will need your old blog’s login and password for the data transfer. We need the login and password for your Godaddy account. Lastly, we need your new user and password for the new WordPress site (they will set this up over the phone with you).

How much does a domain and hosting cost?
Domains names are typically $10 and you can have them auto renew for up to 5 years. Hosting is generally $45/year.

What platform do you design for? only, there is a difference between the .org and .com sites. I only build custom sites through the .org site. With .org sites you can do advertising, where as on .com you cannot. This also gives us free range to design your site however you’d like.

Do I need to purchase hosting?
Yes, I cannot design or build your site without this. You can look into sites like Godaddy, Blue Host or Blue Gator for these services.

Will I loose my followers when I transfer my blog over to the new site?
We can transfer WordPress email +  bloglovin’ subscribers to the new site. Click here to learn how to transfer subscribers to your new self hosted site.

Can I transfer my content?
Yes, we will export your entire site as an XML file.

Can I post on my blog during the build phase?
No, we only export your old site one time. Once we have done the export please do not post additional entries.

How will I measure my analytics now?
Please sign up for a google analytics account and supply us with the code. Click here, to learn how.  The code will look like: UA-0000000-0

Can I update images and text on the about, contact page, etc.?
Yes, you will have a content management system.

Do you do the coding?
No, I work with my friend Slavic or Glenn depending on the nature of your site.

Can I just get a site re-design?
No, I only take on clients who need a re-brand and full website design.

How long will my site be down?
We will put a password on your site while we are working. Once I have approved the design layout we will remove the password. We aim to work at night or on weekends to avoid major traffic losses. Average build time: 3-4 days.

Will my site be mobile and tablet friendly?
Yes, we build all sites with a responsive design.

Can you help me install ads on my site?
Yes, just tell us the ad network. This may require tweaking to your theme.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, 50% down to start, 50% once the site is built.

Will I bring you cupcakes?
We’ll see 😉